Ten Thoughts While Preparing for a Houseguest (Who Happens to Be Jen)


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We had a lot of fun with this on my personal Facebook page this afternoon, and so many people identified with it that I thought I’d share it with all of you.

Jen arrives tomorrow from Tennessee for a week long visit, it turns out, just in time for the biggest snowstorm we’ve had here in Maine all winter so far.  So, obviously I want to make the house clean and inviting.  As I was doing the preparations this afternoon I had these housecleaning related thoughts.  #7a has to be credited to my friend Bruce Little, who publishes West Coast Maine and runs the Frost Farm Gallery in Norway, Maine.  And #10 is credited to Jen herself.  It was quite a thread.

So, without further ado…

Thoughts while preparing for a house guest:

1) Wow, when’s the last time I cleaned *this?*

2) Every wall and piece of trim on the interior of this house needs paint. Every.single.one.

3) I know…all of our sheets and towels are “farmhouse style,” which is a polite way of saying, “mismatched.”

4) I wonder if vacuuming the animals would help?

5) Maybe I can just throw that away.

6) Why is the cat so spooked by the noise a can of furniture polish makes? He’s four years old. Surely he’s heard that before….oh…

7) Why is this in the pantry?…….Why is *this* in the pantry??…..Oh, come on, why is THIS in the pantry???

7a) When did we get THAT?

8) I’m sure I can just put this in this drawer for now. Yeah, I’ll totally know where I put it a month from now.

9) I’ll bet that little piece of bark near the wood stove is small enough to go up the vacuu—–oh…ohhhhhhhhh no.

10) That little snag in the rug is fine to vacuum over… *half the rug gets de-yarned , the vacuum emits burning rubber smell*

Seem familiar?

Happy cleaning!  OK, well…happy hooking!  – Beth


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