Win a 3′ x 5′ Hit and Miss Rug to Benefit Maine Medical Center’s Family Assistance Program!


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Those of you who follow our blog faithfully know that two of our Tuesday hooking group members in Maine, Irene Adams and Cindy Mitchell, are kidney transplant recipients.  For more on their powerful stories you can click here.


Cindy Mitchell, left and Irene Adams, right.

Both of their lives were saved through organ donation and their surgeries and care were performed by the Maine Medical Center Kidney Transplant Team.  Everyone who loves Irene and Cindy could not be more grateful to the donors and to Maine Medical Center.  In addition, we recognize that there are still others going through this difficult process, and that they could use a helping hand.  Maine Medical Center has a Family Assistance Program fund to provide just the kind of help these other patients and their families need, and we wanted to help.

As a result, we have partnered with Maine Medical Center to raffle this stunning 3′ x 5′ hit and miss rug, which is being hooked with a whole lot of love by our Tuesday group, including Irene and Cindy themselves!  We’re digging deep in to our wool stashes and producing a colorful alternating block rug of stars and stripes.  We think the joyful pattern is appropriate both to the heritage of hit and miss hooking and to the joy we’ve experienced in seeing Irene and Cindy regain their health.


Maine hooker extraordinaire Edna Olmstead works on our raffle rug outside of her home on a pretty day.

We’ve been working on this rug for months.  Every Tuesday someone is working hard on a square.  The rug went to our Sunset Haven Hooking & Hiking Retreat in September, where the attendees took turns working on it.  It’s been to the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival in NY, and on November 7th, it will be displayed (finished we think!!!) at the Third Annual Paris Hill Hook-In.

Tickets for a chance to win are just $10 each or 6 for $50!  The rug is valued in the thousands of dollars, so a winning ticket is quite the bargain for a rug that is, in reality, one of a kind and priceless.  The prize will be drawn on November 5th, 2016 at the Fourth Annual Paris Hill Hook-In; you need not be present to win.  We are looking to raise as much as $20,000 for the Family Assistance Program fund.


So here’s what you can do to help!

  • To purchase tickets, contact Beth Miller at (207) 890-8490 or  I will guide you in payment options and how to receive your tickets (either by snail mail or email image).
  • Consider selling our tickets (there are 2000 of them so help is welcome!) at your event, shop, studio, or hooking/knitting/crafting group.  Again, contact me for FMI.
  • Share, share, share this blog post on your social media, on your email lists, newsletters, and among friends!  We thank you in advance for being our individual town criers on this event!
  • Stop in to Maine Medical Center’s Kidney Transplant Center in person to buy one of the first 100 tickets sold.  They are selling them right in their office area.
  • Consider making a donation directly to the Maine Medical Center Family Assistance Program fund.  We have already had someone do this and it was very touching.
  • Consider becoming an organ donor.  Our lives are forever enriched because Irene and Cindy were recipients.

Corner detail from the raffle rug.


Under construction. Look at our beautiful stash colors!


A finished end. Stars and stripes forever!

Thank you for considering being part of this ambitious fundraiser, borne of gratitude.  Every ticket sold, every contribution made, every social media share, is greatly appreciated.

Good luck in buying the winning ticket and happy hooking! – Beth


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