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It's been a long time since either Jen or I have contributed to this blog, but make no mistake - we're still hooking! It's just that life is so often hectic and often I personally feel like this:

Tesla doing one of the things that Tesla does best.
And yet...when I get my page view count from Blogger I notice that people are still tuning in to this blog...probably expecting some wonderful wooly content, only to find nothing new here, like an abandoned barn, somewhat empty and smelling of must.

So...what to do? Well, obviously...we have to start posting again. I asked myself the question: "Can we find something to post at least once a week that's hooking related? Probably we could. But then I thought some more and realized that much of what I find I have in common with other hookers goes way beyond rug hooking. Hookers are often attracted to the art because it is a heritage art, something our foremothers (and some forefathers too!) took up not only as a practical matter for covering cold floors, but as a creative outlet and a way to record aspects of their lives and beliefs in colored wool. Because most hookers I meet, and most artisans for that matter, value heritage I often find that they are also keeping other heritage arts and skills alive.

For example, I know rug hookers who farm or garden, raise livestock, knit, sew, quilt, needle felt, spin, weave, can and pickle foods, make soap & other household items, make jerkys and preserved sausage, restore old homes, participate in historical societies and reenacting, and collect and/or sell antiques and vintage items. This is just to name a few activities hookers engage in that are related to preserving heritage activities and living a homesteading lifestyle to some degree. Of course, there are others who do none of these things, and that's ok too.

From here on out I promise we'll post more often - mostly about hooking but sometimes about some other heritage art or skill that we think may be of interest. Feel free to share ideas and suggestions.

Before I go, here's a peek at what we're working on right now - these pics are a little older - we're both further along on these projects now, or nearing completion:

Jen's 1796 House rug - design by Daniel Rosenburg (her hubby!) - pattern available in our shop

My Tesla's First Snow rug - pattern available in our shop

And, we just sold these on Etsy to a very nice woman in Kansas whose daughter actually collects hooked coasters!

Primitive Coaster Set - pattern available in our shop - similar finished set could be made to order

In addition, I have just purchased the linen and am starting to purchase the wool for a custom commission for a great customer! Her pattern was also designed by Jen's husband, Dan Rosenburg. If I get permission from the customer to show off her very special design and project as it progresses, maybe I'll share!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful fall...our foliage is near peak here in Maine. I'll try to post some photos of that too! Best wishes to all. ~Beth

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