First Beginner Dye Workshop at the Maine Studio Set for January 24th

I will be teaching our first beginner dye workshop at the Maine studio on Saturday, January 24th from 9 a.m. to noon. For time, safety, and instructional purposes, I have to limit the class size to four students at a time, and will run the class only if I get at least two signed up. This is experimental as we have not taught dyeing here before, so let's see how this time and format works for everyone! This class is best suited for those who have either never dyed wool before, or who need a refresher before trying it again after a long time away from it. We will be learning three basic types of dyeing in this class: 1) Pot Dyeing Aug4Dye6 Basic pot dyeing gives a single color to a piece of wool. This technique can be used nonetheless to get a variety of shades of the same color, and you can put a variety of wools in to the same pot to yield different results, but essentially, there is one overall color in the pot. This color may be made from a single dye or a recipe of several dyes mixed to achieve the desired color. 2) Microwave Dyeing Aug4Dye1 Remember tie dyeing at summer camp? It's a little like that. Multiple colors may be used on a single piece of wool for a variety of great effects. Fun, fun, fun. 3) Casserole Dyeing Sorry this photo is blurry! Think of looking at steaming wool! We are going to use an electric skillet for this. It is another method for dyeing multiple color pieces, but I find that the blending of the colors is a little softer from color to color in the casserole than in the microwave technique. We will be using Cushing Perfection Dyes which come from Kennebunkport, Maine and are available in a very wide variety of colors for use alone or mixing and matching. Cost of the class will be $32 per student which will include the class, printed handouts for reference at home, 3 fat quarters of plain white wool to dye, plus 1 fat quarter of textured wool of your choice to try an overdye with. If interested, please call me at 207-890-8490, email at, or send a private message on our Facebook page! First come, first served. We will do dye workshops in Maine quarterly and the next class will be held on April 25th. Hope to see some of you for a fun day of dyeing! - Beth

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