Sarah Ann Marven 1830s Sampler in Memory of Her Mother


Hi. It's Jen. I'm so excited because I just bought my first antique sampler!
This was dear to my heart because I lost my mother to breast cancer on January 5th of this year.
I knew I was meant to own it.
It dates from about the 1830s and has some damage but overall it's still quite extraordinary.
It was stitched by a child named Sarah Ann Marven.

The verse:
My Mother
She being dead yet speaketh
What say the happy dead
She bids me bear my load
With silent steps proceed
And follow her to God
Till life's uneasy dream
In rapture shall depart
She bids me give like her
To Christ my youthful heart

And here is the full sampler!
I adore it and hope to make a reproduction cross stitch sampler kit for sale in our shop
I hope this has touched your heart as it does mine :)

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