Just a general announcement about a comment policy change to our blog that I regretfully had to make this morning. I have had this blog set to allow all comments without moderation because I like the instant gratification for our readers of posting a comment and having it immediately go to the page. I also think that setting invites better conversation on the page. However, one of our posts got spammed today by an individual promoting a web site selling, albeit very nice, handmade woven wool rugs from around the world. These were woven rugs on cotton foundations, hand made though not one of a kind, appearing to be of good quality, but very inexpensive. The first question that came to me was what the actual artisans making these rugs could possibly be getting paid.

As a general practice, Parris House Wool Works does promote the work of other artisans on our various social media sites. We believe in cross promotion and both do it and have benefited by it when others promote our work. We are very grateful to our artisan community, both on line and in "3D" for all of the nice ways they have put our work out there, and we strive to reciprocate. What occurred on our page today was not in the spirit of small artisans cross promoting one another's work.

As a result, I have regretfully made the decision to moderate all comments on this page. I will make every effort to get your comments up ASAP when I receive an email notification that you have made one. If I see that spamming is a once or twice a year occurrence, I will most certainly turn the settings back to just allowing all comments to go directly to the page. I had been warned by other small businesses who run social media sites, however, that moderating comments is the best policy because of internet spamming.

Life in 21st century cyberspace - more good aspects than bad - but this is one of the bad ones. As always, happy hooking! ~ Beth

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