Ten Thoughts While Preparing for a Houseguest (Who Happens to Be Jen)

stubbornspots We had a lot of fun with this on my personal Facebook page this afternoon, and so many people identified with it that I thought I'd share it with all of you. Jen arrives tomorrow from Tennessee for a week long visit, it turns out, just in time for the biggest snowstorm we've had here in Maine all winter so far. So, obviously I want to make the house clean and inviting. As I was doing the preparations this afternoon I had these housecleaning related thoughts. #7a has to be credited to my friend Bruce Little, who publishes West Coast Maine and runs the Frost Farm Gallery in Norway, Maine. And #10 is credited to Jen herself. It was quite a thread. So, without further ado... Thoughts while preparing for a house guest: 1) Wow, when's the last time I cleaned *this?* 2) Every wall and piece of trim on the interior of this house needs paint. Every.single.one. 3) I know...all of our sheets and towels are "farmhouse style," which is a polite way of saying, "mismatched." 4) I wonder if vacuuming the animals would help? 5) Maybe I can just throw that away. 6) Why is the cat so spooked by the noise a can of furniture polish makes? He's four years old. Surely he's heard that before....oh… 7) Why is this in the pantry?.......Why is *this* in the pantry??.....Oh, come on, why is THIS in the pantry??? 7a) When did we get THAT? 8) I'm sure I can just put this in this drawer for now. Yeah, I'll totally know where I put it a month from now. 9) I'll bet that little piece of bark near the wood stove is small enough to go up the vacuu-----oh…ohhhhhhhhh no. 10) That little snag in the rug is fine to vacuum over... *half the rug gets de-yarned , the vacuum emits burning rubber smell* Seem familiar? Happy cleaning! OK, well...happy hooking! - Beth

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