A Photo Tour of the Oxford County Fair - Oxford, Maine

It's fair season in Maine, and this is usually the first of a few that we attend in the fall. The Oxford County Fair is closest to the Parris House, only about five miles away in neighboring Oxford. It's a lot of fun, a place to see old friends and meet new people with common interests. We went last night, Friday night, and took a few pics. Hope you enjoy this little photo tour of the Oxford County Fair, a Maine tradition which dates back to 1842. - Beth
DSC_0241 This is a Maine fair, so, of course, lots of items with moose motifs.
DSC_0246 Interior of the home and agricultural museum display. Interestingly, I have quite a few of the type of items on display that I actively use in my home. :)
DSC_0247 Apple press. I kinda want one.
DSC_0249 This is a yarn swift of a type I had never seen before. I'm sure some of you have.
DSC_0250 Those 19th century square cut nails are pretty much the type holding the Parris House together, and they also surface out of the garden every year here.
DSC_0251 Display by the lovely Katey Branch and the Alan Day Community Garden of Norway, Maine.
DSC_0252 Beautiful display by A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm of Sumner, Maine.
DSC_0253 Ayuh...
DSC_0254 Spectacular blue ribbon rug hooked by our own Maine hooker Edna Olmstead (who also brings you our wonderful flannel frame covers). Design by Brenda Sauro of the Painted Mermaid studio in South Paris, Maine.
DSC_0255 Incredible display of quilting square designs used during the 19th century as signals to guide slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Quilts would be hung outdoors along the way to indicate the route, safe havens, etc.
DSC_0256 More spectacular quilts.
DSC_0257 This is truly almost a lost art. Breathtaking.
DSC_0258 Blue ribbon preserves!
DSC_0259 Another blue ribbon rug by Edna Olmstead.
DSC_0260 These needle felted pieces done by children were in the 4H center. I love seeing the work of the next generation of wool artisans.
DSC_0242 Exterior of the museum.
DSC_0243 Museum entrance. Always a treat.
DSC_0244 Oxford County Agricultural Museum
DSC_0245 Oxford County's bear symbol.
DSC_0248 Poultry display. That rooster is my favorite kind - fake. I just like to keep hens.
DSC_0261 This is the part of the fair my sons like best. :)
DSC_0262 Western Maine is known for its gem mines. We have a great deal of quartz, amethyst, and tourmaline in these mountains.
DSC_0263 Piglets!
DSC_0265 Hello...
DSC_0266 These little ones were looking for a hand out.
DSC_0267 They have such sweet faces.
DSC_0268 More goats...
DSC_0269 I think we sometimes forget where our wool comes from.
DSC_0271 This one was conversing with my husband.
DSC_0272 Alpacas. So soft.
DSC_0273 Young alpaca.
DSC_0274 Belted Galloways. My favorite cows.
DSC_0275 Cow barn.
DSC_0276 These horses were magnificent.
DSC_0277 Bull.
DSC_0278 This is the pulling barn. I like to watch the draft horse pulls, but we were not there at the right time for that.
DSC_0279 No Maine fair is complete without a sugar house.
DSC_0280 Maine maple syrup made in to an endless array of goodies.
DSC_0281 Another view of the midway.

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