Sometimes you gotta get up out of that chair! 0

Earlier this week I posed the question on our Facebook page, "What do you do to make up for the sedentary hours spent hooking?" I enjoy rug hookin...
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Hooked Rug Pillow Finishing - Just One Way 0

When I first started making pillows, I was intimidated by the finishing process because I was not the most skilled person at hand sewing, but I fo...
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Remembering Who We Are Through Crafting & Art 0

My mother passed away almost two years ago. I inherited some of her things, and I was going through a few of them yesterday when I came across the...
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A Little Introduction to the Parris House 0

The Parris House, Paris Hill, Maine - She's missing her shutters right now, but they'll be back up this summer! Since we will be opening the Par...
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What's Up for 2013? 0

If you do not already belong to the on-line group Rug Hooking Daily, I highly recommend it. Every day there is a discussion question, and there ar...
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Lake Willoughby Rug - Complete! 0

Remember the blog post a little while back? The one about transferring designs? The rug featured in that post is finished and I thought I'd share...
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